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It looks like that I can't bring home a 100% performance this year. But read here how my race was.

It traveled the first time to Austria to the HC race in Haiming. It was told that it's a really nice course and I could only agree. The whole course is covered with stones and roots and goes up and down in the forest. It takes a big effort to stabilize the body that your legs can spin free.

But now to the race: The start went perfect and I could go into the first lap on position six after the startlap. At the end of the frist lap I was still on the same position. But then I could feel that something is not good anymore with my back wheel. I decided to change the wheel in the tech zone. With this stop I lost the good position what was not so good for my motivation. In the third lap I found my "legs" again and started to pass other riders. In the last lap my energy was empty and I lost again three position. I crossed the finish line on the 17th place.

Unfortunately I couldn't do a perfect race again. But now I know that I'm on the right way.


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23:35:00 28.04.2013 von Martin Gujan