Martin Gujan
I was travelling to the race in Czech Republic with confidence that I can make a good result. The course suits me and the form should be ok, too.

The only uncertain thing was again the weather. It was chilly and the sunshine shortly turned into a rain shower. But luckily we could do the race in dry condition. Like always the course is really attraktiv because it's everything into the forest with a lot of roots and rocks.

My start was not perfect. Altough it's longtime wide it's really difficult to find a gap to improve the position. Of course the power is another point. My power was ok but I didn't have an extra power. So I found myself around position 30 and could keep cool. In the next rounds I could pass some riders but also I get passed. Slowly I could manage to improve my position. In the second last lap I was thinking: Now I go flat out in my "last" lap. Deal done. I was already happy to see the finish line when I realised that the riders in front of me going into another lap. F...! But it was also another chance to catch some riders. Unfortunaltely I cound't manage that and I crossed the finish line as 21.

I'm happy with this result for the moment. Finally I got a good feeling during the race on my bike. This gives me selfconfidence for the next races.


Replay of the race on Redbull TV


1. Nino Schurter (SUI) 1:39.33  
2. Julien Absalon (FRA) +0:00.03  
3. Lukas Flückiger (SUI) +0:00.45  
4. Thomas Litscher (SUI) +0:01.02  
5. Max Plaxton (CAN) +0:02.02  
6. Ondrej Cink (CZE) +0:02.11  
7. Geoff Kabush (CAN) +0:02.12  
8. Mathias Flückiger (SUI) +0:02.36  
9. Marco Aurelio Fontana (ITA) +0:03.00  
10. Maxime Marotte (FRA) +0:03.05  
11. Fabian Giger (SUI) +0:03.16  
12. Martin Fanger (SUI) +0:03.19  
21. Martin Gujan (SUI) +0:05.31  

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23:04:00 26.05.2013 von Martin Gujan