Martin Gujan
The Swiss Mountainbike season kicked off this weekend in Ticino. I was excited to see where I am in the international comparison and how my winter training was.

I was a little bit nervous before the start. Actually I shouldn't have a reason to be because the stage race in South Africa and the road race in Croatia went pretty well. But a cross country race is a little bit different. You have to be ready from the first meter on.

I was a little bit surprised that the start was not as fast as I expected and I didn’t have to go 100%. Unfortunately I made a small mistake after half of a lap and I got a gap. I couldn't close this gap again as "easy" as I thought. After a while it became a problem to hold the pace and I lost some positions. After recovering a little bit I could fight back on to 7th place.

I'm satisfied with this result. For sure I can become better but it was the first xc race. And I have to get used to my Shimano shifting in the race - at the beginning I pushed the lever always too hard and then I had a too strong gear. But exactly for this are the first races of the season.

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22:11:00 17.03.2014 von Martin Gujan