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This weekend I took part at the race in Haiming which is part of the Austrian series. It is a Hors Categorie competition and in accordance the field was high quality.

After all my bad luck I hoped to finish the race without any problems to grab the necessary points for the world ranking.

The course in Oetztal is really nice and includes tons of roots. The whole time you have to be concentrated and recovery is nearly impossible.
I had a respectable start and I was in the top 10 after lap one. But I was not yet happy about my position. Just before I could start to think about how my form really is, I started to catch other riders. This gave me the motivation to catch more contenders. My team manager gave me the information that I’m close to the podium which gave me extra motivation. I tried to continue with the same power on the pedals. On position five I was not able anymore to gain positions. The last two laps were really hard and I had to give everything my body had.

On 5th position I could step also on the podium and so I was really happy with my performance.


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