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Last weekend it was the first round of the mountainbike World Cup this season. The whole world’s elite met in Nove Mesto Na Morave, Czech Republic. I was looking forward to this race because of the amazing atmosphere and it is one of the best race courses.

After the race in Heubach I made a short race break and I didn’t do any bike race two weekends. I used the time to train well and to prepare for the upcoming World Cups.

Thursday morning I travelled to Prague and in the afternoon I could check out the race course. Like always it was super nice to ride on it. Despite all the tyre tracks that are there already you can search your own line because there are a lot of alternatives.

The start was on Sunday at 14:15 and we had to six laps plus the start loop. From my experience I knew that the start here is difficult to ride. You can be immediately far back. But this time the luck seemed to be on my side. Right after the start there was a small gap in front of me and I pushed as hard as I could. I was already in a good initial position after the start straight and when the start loop was finished I was still in the position more or less. But then some riders made mistakes in front of me and I had to brake a lot. I lost all my speed. I just thought in this moment, “here we are again…in the position I didn’t want to be in”.

That demotivated me so much that I could hardly find the rhythm again. The dropped chain afterwards didn’t help either. Normally I find again the rhythm quite quickly but this time it didn’t happen.

I kept pushing the pedals but without really having a goal. Plus I was also a bit angry that I couldn’t move the switch to make the best out of the current situation.

I finished on 50th position.

There are still some recurring negative thoughts but anyway I have to focus on next weekend when the second World Cup is held in Albstadt, Germany. A new race and a new chance.


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